First Missions Trip to Africa

Africa here we come! Thank you all for your prayers for protection over us on this journey! We fought lions for food in the jungle and battled three foot mosquitos 🙂 In all seriousness, it was a true blessing.

On our trip to Africa, there was a lot of drama at the airport as the travel rules for South Africa have changed and I never checked. Many thanks to Michelle Johnson for rushing a notarized letter and Cole Johnson’s birth certificate down to the airport. She made it at 9:52 and our flight left at 10:10. Thank you God for your blessing and thank you for letting us know that You are with us!

We are now nearing the end of a God filled basketball clinic. Many thanks to Cole, Latrell, Mike, and Cornel for all of their help and hard work. The team is very seasoned at running basketball clinics and balling, but we were unable to find a basketball court in all of Qwa Qwa to invite the village children too. I am no master carpenter by any means, but with lots of determination, we BUILT their own court.

Our desire was to use this as an outreach to share Christ’s love with the village. I had a chance to share the a gospel and most if not all of the kids accepted Jesus as their Savior. Please continue to pray for God to transform our village.